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Want a portable solar cooker with great performance and unique features? You owe it to yourself to research the All Season Solar Cooker. So what does this bright yellow-cased solar cooker have to offer you? Watch how creator, Jim La Joie shows you how efficient and helpful the features of the solar cooker can be:

For its size, this highly efficient, portable and uniquely designed (focus range) solar cooker, offers much to solar chefs for their own culinary endeavors. Its price is very competitive as well with the range of solar ovens and cookers now available.




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July 6, 2015 9:25 am

Solar cooking is moving right along. There are so many different models in a variety of functional categories available to the budding or experienced solar chef.

Panel cookers, as opposed to other types, offer a lightweight and usually inexpensive way to either add another solar cooker to your existing collection, or, are great for the beginner.

The SunFlair Solar Oven is an excellent one to consider for first or future use. It folds flat and does not take up much space. Its construction material is also a big plus, as this adds to its durability, which can be a problem for panel-style solar cookers.

Watch this video. It demonstrates the ease of use of this solar cooking gem.

The SunFlair panel cooker goes anywhere, folds flat and isn’t much bigger than a file folder.

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So, consider adding a little flair to your solar cooking experience. Try the SunFlair solar cooker.

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July 2, 2015 7:01 am