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With Groundhog Day nearly upon us, many of us into solar cooking are hoping for more sunny days ahead. That would be a great way to finish Winter, wouldn’t it?

Certainly, as long as no severely high winds are present, that beautiful bright yellow orb in our sky will tremendously help us in our pursuit of a tasty February meal made by our favorite solar cooker.

No matter, it might be a simple panel cooker, or an efficient tube cooker, like the GoSun Solar Stove. With low wind, why not break out your All American Sun Oven? Even with cold temperatures in the single digits (6F out there right now as I write this), either of the aforementioned commercial solar cookers will still work wonders and make a great lunch or dinner for you


Hey, even if it’s a bit cloudy, the GoSun will cook your meal…it may take a little more time, but you won’t be disappointed.

One housekeeping note: whatever oven you’re using, if it’s a bit windy, you might want to babysit it a bit more; that is, monitor it. Winds might kick up loose or drifting snow and cause the reflectors limited ability, or it might even damage your cooker. Just keep a better eye on it.

snow solar cooking

Solavore Sport busy making dinner in the snow

Don’t let low temperatures and a little wind stop you from using your non-polluting, fossil free, low carb, earth friendly solar oven! Find a new recipe to attempt and get with it! Yes…solar cooking is so much fun!


By the way, if you’re anything like me, the holidays may have added a few pounds to your mass. I don’t always recommend something here other than my take on solar ovens, but this program has

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