A Concert of Solar Ovens

Some regular users of solar ovens prefer to use a variety, or combo, of solar oven designs in a meal preparation. Sometimes this is very warranted, since the solar chef may be expecting a larger group for a feast.  Other solar cooks just like to experiment with solar cookers and cooking. Often, they find that they like to make certain meals in specific ovens. Factors influencing their decision include, the amount of solar radiation on the cooking day, the length of that radiation, how much time the cook has to prepare the meal, or feast, and the design of each oven.

So, the thing is, everyone who enjoys solar cooking, may want to put a pot of rice into the panel cooker, meat into a parabolic oven, and chili into a box cooker. Each might be able to make the other, but possibly not as well, or as quickly due to the length and quality of the sunshine on the given day. Whatever the solar chef decides, it is always a blast to solar cook and share a fossil fuel free meal with friends, family or acquaintances. The novelty never wears off and the chef will be fielding questions about solar cooking for days, weeks, and maybe years to come.

A Concert of Solar Ovens for feasts

A Concert of Solar Ovens for feasts

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