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Did you know that many solar ovens are used to pasteurize water making it safe to drink? Yes, all over this world, especially in third world nations, solar powered ovens make potable water. The solar oven design shown below, is capable of making salty sea water drinkable! It’s a great concept…for sure.

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This solar oven makes drinking sea water possible!




But, did you know that most of your off-the-shelf, double box solar ovens can make your average water sample (not salt water) safe to drink?  Yes, by placing the water sample into a stoneware pot, and using a WAPI (water pasteurization indicator usually included with most commercially available ovens), a solar oven, like the All American Sun Oven, will easily heat up the water to over 159 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature is enough to eliminate nasty bacterial effects. If the water is naturally laden with minerals, like iron, it cannot do much about that. However, if you’re desperate for drinkable water, the WAPI and solar oven may be your answer. Watch this video below by Sun Oven guru, Paul Munsen, that explains how using that oven can help you with hot water and other water problem solutions with a solar oven.

Using solar ovens to help you with different water situations, may be too broad a subject to cover in this small article. So, we will plan to do more on the subject.

If you do not have a solar oven handy,  may not possess the knowledge or resources to immediately construct one, there are other answers for these emergency water situations. In a water survival situation,  preparation really counts. A filtration straw or water purification tablets should be kept in your “bug out” bag.

Stay “tuned in” for more about water purification in another article.

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