Bulletin: Solar Cooking is Good For You

Solar cooking is one of the best things that can happen to you. Yes, you can perform healthy cooking, as well as, preparing meals that might not be the best for you. Just like you do now with your conventional oven or grill!

It only requires sunshine! Solar cooking isn’t complicated, and doesn’t have to look pretty!

shahjee stove, solar stove, solar cooking

It doesn’t have to be complicated with solar cooking.

And, since you’re buying the food you eat, it doesn’t have to cost very much. You’ll probably save some money since sun power is free energy and gas and electric, and other fossil fuels, can run into money. That’s all good for your financial health!$. It should be good for your spiritual health too. Believing in the Sun, will give you peace of mind!

Let’s look at the great things you can cook with solar ovens.  Meals can be as simple as baked potatoes and boiled eggs. Using a solar oven is so easy, a kid can do it!

solar cooked eggs, solar baked potatoes, solavore sport potatoes

This lad made hard boiled eggs & baked potatoes for his folks.

Like meat dishes, how about a healthy dose of solar barbecued chicken?

solavore barbecue chicken

Solar Barbecued Chicken in Solavore Sport

Maybe your a vegetarian, reducing your red meat intake, or just watching your waistline. Solar cooking can accent your health with any number of low calorie, or vegetarian meals. How about some Mexican Stuffed Peppers?

solavore stuffed peppers, Mexican stuffed peppers

Solavore Sport bakes spicy Mexican Stuffed Peppers

Most solar cookers don’t fry food (some do: see parabolic cookers), but if you consider most solar ovens as slow cookers, or, crockpots, then you can imagine all of the wonderful dishes that can be made.

Vegetarian stew is a favorite of our family.

solar vegetarian stew, solar vegetarian stew

Solavore Sport makes a mean vegetarian stew.






Let’s not forget dessert! Maybe it’s not the healthiest part of the meal calorie-wise, however, it’ll satisfy many a guest and leave a smile on their face. A great way to give someone a good impression of solar cooking, wouldn’t you agree?

So, solar cooking really can benefit your health. It’s how you look at it that counts. If you’re interested in furthering your green lifestyle, take a look here.

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