Care and Feeding of Your Solar Oven

(Music) Splish Splash I was makin’ some hash…long about Saturday night! Oh yes, and it spilled all over the solar oven’s cooking chamber. It’s got to be cleaned up A.S.A.P., or you may forget about it, bring it inside and stink up the house.

One of the most frequent questions I’ve answered when toting my ovens out to share with the public is, how do you clean it? Usually, this question is from a middle aged woman, that’s my experience…I’m just sayin’.

Just like that other oldie, but goodie, goes…“it’s so easy, it’s so easy….” Well,  it really is. The mysterious solar oven cleanup method is hereby disclosed:

Use hot soap and water! Dish soap will usually do. Dawn or another degreaser brand might be your preference on tougher spills. Everything usually wipes up clean for us with a dishcloth or dishtowel. Although I’ve not done this, but others have suggested it, you could use vinegar water on the glass to do great, clear, nontoxic  job.

Another important tip to follow after cleaning the oven, is to leave the chamber exposed to the air to completely allow it to dry. With the SOS Sport model, it helps to set it up on one corner to help any moisture drain out.

After some regular use of your solar oven, you may discover the black paint wearing off the metal surfaces of the cooking chamber. This is cured by a simple drive to your home improvement store, or department store. Look for the high temperature, nontoxic black paint used to refurbish barbecue grills. Choose the flat black variety and carefully refinish any blemishes inside your oven. Well, on second thought, if the outside of your oven is also black, you could use the paint there as well. Anyway, the paint will likely cost you less than $7.00 and will help keep that solar oven temperature where it needs to be to prepare your next sun-cooked cuisine.

That’s all there is to it. By simply cleaning and maintaining your particular solar oven model, you’ll find it’ll give you years of great tasting goodies and lots of fun.

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