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Just as important as prepping the solar oven on a sunny day, or gathering the right ingredients, taking care to have the proper accessories on hand will help ensure a successful culinary venture every time. By selecting the proper cookware, having a good thermometer,  using oven mitts, and a dedicated set of utensils, great results do happen. Use the following information when preparing your next meal in a box or panel style oven. Some information also applies to parabolic models.

High on the accessory priority list is a set of solar oven friendly cookware. Choose dark colored pots and pans, preferably black, brown or blue, that are constructed of thin-walled metal. This enhances heat absorption and results in faster cooking times. Be sure to get lids when buying cookware, since they are often sold without them. Try to avoid shiny aluminum or stainless steel cookware, since sun power reflects away from them. Look for glass cookware, or stoneware and graniteware labels. It is very helpful to know the dimensions of the solar oven’s cooking chamber before selecting cookware. This way, a proper fit of pots and pans can be made allowing for multiple course meal preparation.

Also of high importance, is having a reliable thermometer. Many commercial models include them. However, having a good thermometer is essential because it helps gauge cooking time, which is very dependent upon the quality of sunshine. A quick glance at the thermometer allows for checking the oven chamber temperature. Get a good thermometer at a hardware or department store. Also recommended is a meat thermometer, since it checks the specific food temperature and helps verify safe cooking.

Even a novice solar chef knows enough to use oven mitts. Solar ovens often reach 400 degree temperatures, so it only makes sense to don a pair of mitts before reaching inside to adjust a pan, or add something to a pot. When lifting a lids, avoid leaning over pots, as the food inside them may still be boiling, steaming or splattering. Remember that a solar oven really is just another kind of oven!

Utensils are often under-rated. Many times the cook’s favorite dishes help determine what utensils should be dedicated for solar cooking, whether they are kept separately in a drawer or box. If the cook makes lots of soup and stew, then a good quality ladle is essential. For meat dishes, having the right knife is important, as is the proper serving knife for baked items. By having a clean and ready set of utensils, much frustration can be avoided.

If a table or stand is used, caution must be taken to keep it level. Some solar oven models have built-in levelers and most are meant to be used right on the ground.  With the food inside and cooking, take special care when refocusing the sun cooker on a table, there is a chance of it falling or a meal-ruining spill happening. Also, bear in mind that the table must be strong enough to support the solar oven containing its load of cookware and food.

Solar oven accessories really can make a difference in successful meal preparation. By regularly using this advice with a box or panel style oven, a new solar cook will likely have better culinary results. Being equipped with the right accessories of cookware, thermometers and oven mitts helps ensure this. With more experience, anyone with culinary-minded enthusiasm will graduate to the safe, environmentally-friendly, go anywhere, cook anything realm of the solar chef.

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January 11, 2012 2:31 am

Why I got into solar ovens, had to due with the desire to move out of my current business. I’ve been in rental real estate for over 20 yrs and, due to the downturn of the economic climate, was concerned over the longevity of my business, even though we’re pretty well established. Also, I’ve been a licensed PA property and casualty insurance agent for decades, but have grown bored and frustrated with the legal entanglements that sometimes influence that industry. My other work as a movie theater projectionist was also beginning to test me, as the late and weekend hours began to wear on me. I’ve been a projectionist since I was 18 yrs old.

I have had an interest in solar energy use for a long time, and thought of it as a possible business for me over the last several years. As those applications on real property could have cost saving benefits on electric and hot water use. However, I’ve been forced to make a living by continuing with the real estate/insurance work. Recently, I sold off a few properties and launched the solar oven business.

Why solar ovens? For decades I’ve watched the growth of other solar energy applications such as in photovoltaics and wind. In fact, when I was in the military in the mid-70’s, I worked with instruments using PV technology and solar radiation measurement. Being grounded by working with this equipment also helped spark my interest in solar energy use.

Solar ovens were always a part of that mix. A few years ago, I used some plans I obtained on the Internet to construct a simple box oven model. I discovered then as to how well they work and caught the solar oven bug. My brother had a sideline business selling goods at flea markets, etc. So, it was a natural step to market the solar ovens with some success. Once, I established commercial suppliers for the solar ovens, the next logical step was to do internet marketing. Thus, was born last year.

We have tried to offer the highest quality, commercially available oven on the website. They are all of the box oven design. Our newest model, the SunFocus, which is manufactured in the USA by SunBd Corp., has a huge cooking chamber. You can roast a holiday turkey in it! With its backup electric feature, cloudy days can still make for a good solar oven cooking day. We also offer 2 well-designed ovens that have been available for decades; that is, the Global Sun Oven and the SOS Sport. They operate very well by simply using our star’s free energy and often reach temperatures in the 300 to 400 degree range on a clear sunny day.  On the site, we simplify ordering and check0ut by including shipping with the order (within the continental US). This helps us keep our prices low and remain competitive.

Our near future plans include several new products. Soon, we will be offering panel style solar cookers, which are more portable and great for hikers. Also, we want to offer a parabolic model cooker. This style can reach temperatures of over 1000 degrees and allows for fried food preparation. We want to put our own solar box design plans on the site and also offer models for food dehydration and water purification. Finally, we are compiling our own solar cookbook and hope have it available by spring 2012.

We have also established our own blog,, where we will be sharing our knowledge of solar cooking with the world. Since blogs encourage feedback, we’ll be able to highlight many new recipes this way. It’s all about making the solar oven learning experience more “palatable“. Solar cooking one of the easiest ways to be “green” and enjoy the results at the same time.

Wishing You Sunny Smiles,

Solar Oven Guy



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January 4, 2012 3:45 am is pleased to announce its dealership status with SunBD Corporation manufacturers of the great new solar electric oven,the SunFocus. This solar oven that has the largest cooking capacity of any other solar electric cooking oven on the market today. It’s made in the U.S.A.


Very portable: its yellow suitcase design with handle makes it easy to carry and hard to lose. It can fit nicely into your car trunk, RV, or boat.

Suitcase design: It’s tough polymer clamshell design protects the sensitive parts inside. Setting it up is as easy as opening a suitcase and takes only seconds.

Gigantic cooking chamber measures: Length 13.5″ x Width 13.5″ x Height 6.25 ” ( cook a 14lb turkey, whole chicken  or larger dish)

Its hybrid design combines high performance of a solar oven and 110v. AC efficiently powered electric oven(uses 75% less energy than typical household oven and operates for pennies).
(Perfect for cooking anytime: 24/7/365, yes, even at night!)

Window glass: Double paned for improved heat retention.

Temperature range up to 400 F that provides for reliable, easy cooking.

Seal: made of moisture resistant EPDM

Reflector: made of scratch resistant anodized aluminum for long wear.
(has better reflectivity than a normal glass mirror)

Side booster reflectors: (helps increase your ovens temperature)

Accessories: It Comes with everything you need to start solar cooking today: a 6ft. power cord, oven thermometer, side booster panels & set up instructions.

Be ready for the next emergency: storms, earthquakes, floods…the SunFocus can be used daytime or at night. The components are made in the USA

The SunFocus™ solar electric oven is real cooking for the real chef in your household.

Should you have any questions about this new and exciting product please email us.

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December 26, 2011 4:16 am