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The GoSun Solar Stove has a fantastic design. With its combination of evacuated tube technology and reflectors, it obtains 500 degree Fahrenheit temperatures quite frequently. With this solar cooker, also due to its design, high temperatures are still possible on cloudy days! Your choice, bake sweet potatoes in less than an hour, or hotdogs in 28 minutes! They were a bit toasty, so 23 minutes would have been about right. Its performance will truly astound you.

See how much fun you can have with your GoSun. See it below in action.

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The unit only weighs about 6 pounds and can easily be strapped to a backpack. The reflectors and tube are easy to clean up and keep at the ready.

So, go solar cook with the GoSun and have some fun. While the food is cooking, and if you have some youngsters around, educational kits for WindPower are a great way to pass the time and actually teach/learn something.

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August 6, 2015 9:30 am

If you do not have a solar oven or solar cooker in your “bug out” bag yet, it is a worthwhile consideration. Many solar ovens and cookers, especially the compact, portable panel models, can be a reasonable purchase (some for less than $100). There are many plans also available if you want to try constructing your own.

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The Sun Flair sets up in seconds.


Backpack portable Solar Flare is simple but effective.

Backpack portable Solar Flare is simple but effective.

GoSun Stove is 6 lbs of quick cooking joy!

GoSun Stove is 6 lbs of quick cooking joy!

Shajee Solar Stove collapses to notebook size.

Shajee Solar Stove collapses to notebook size.


As far as that goes, many great survival kits and packages are now available at fair prices. In an emergency, catastrophe, or survival situation, there may not time to locate that “needle and thread kit” that you took out of your bag to fix torn trousers, etc. Get a commercial kit, keep it in a known place, don’t move it around, and you will be better prepared for whatever happens, even if it is just a short power outage. And that’s why it’s called “prepping”.

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August 4, 2015 10:30 am

It is true that, normally, you do not want to set  up your solar cooker on a rainy day. We who solar cook regularly, that is, as regularly as the sunshine allows, try to be prepared for the next sunny solar cooking day. That merely means having some sort of plan, supplies and recipes. It also means making sure that your solar cooker is clean and ready.

Also, if the forecast says, for example, 40% chance of rain, it is likely not to be an all day rain. So, there may be a few “rays of hope” in that. If the morning is sunny, do your cooking then, or, maybe around noon. Of course there are always a lot of variables, like, do you have time to do that before work? Or, will anyone else be home to bring in the cooker should the forecast be wrong and a sudden downpour threatens your solar oven? However, from our own experience as busy people, we have found it often possible to squeeze in a simple meal from cooking with sunshine, even if it means doing it between the raindrops.

Sometimes it may depend upon the solar cooker itself. For example, if you just want to make some hotdogs, hot sausage, baked sweet potatoes, or an omelet, the GoSun Solar Stove works perfectly under these conditions. That is, due to its evacuated tube technology and high temperatures, it can have those dishes ready for you in less than an hour under partly cloudy skies. Look at the photo of wings made on a mostly cloudy day.  Be sure, however, to bring it inside at the first raindrop, as it, like other models can be damaged.


If the cloudy day shower does not stop your solar cooking, then it should not stop you from taking a shower. Check out the available solar showers for your next hiking/camping experience.

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July 28, 2015 9:34 am

Solar ovens are meant to be used. So, plan ahead for the next sunny day that comes along. Have your recipe and ingredients ready for preparation. Get your solar oven out to “play” with it. Make sure it is clean and ready for service. Different styles and models of solar ovens require different cleaning methods. However, most manufacturers usually recommend cleaning the solar cooker with hot soap and water. No harsh chemicals are needed.

Cleaning the oven outdoors is usually easier with the help of a plastic basin, a sponge and some towels. In no time at all, your sun oven will be “at the ready” and able to serve you when the sun comes out.

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Oh sure, we understand, many people will set their solar oven on a stand. That way, they do not have to stoop down to refocus, or stir the pot, etc. For those of us who like to take our solar cooker camping and hiking however, it is sometimes a bit much to bring along the whole patio and a stand.

GoSun Stove doing steak in the grass.

GoSun Stove doing steak in the grass.

Best of all, should you really not want to let the grass grow under your solar cooker, just make sure you mow the lawn! To be “green” about it, try taking out your new reel mower to cut the grass. You’ll get a good workout, get the chore done, all while your favorite solar oven is preparing some tasty food.

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July 16, 2015 9:35 am

If you have been watching, or subscribed to this blog for any time at all, you have witnessed the power of sunshine cooking food in a variety of solar ovens and solar cookers.

It is important to remember that, while solar energy is sun-cooking your newest culinary experiment, other ventures in solar power can be applied to your lifestyle and, in particular, your dwelling. Solar thermal is one of the greatest ways to utilize solar power.

On or near your house, the solar hot water equipment can be set up to let the sun heat your home water supply. Different designs and models exist and are available at a surprisingly low cost. One of the more popular and efficient designs are units composed of evacuated tubes, the same technology used by a popular model solar cooker, the GoSun Solar Stove. The vacuum tubes trap a majority of the sun’s heat and transfer it to water lines and onto the storage tank. Many designs include piping the system into the existing home hot water heater.

Be sure to check on this yourself, but the US Government also can help you afford these items, just as if you were installing solar pv panels. A 30% tax credit was still available at this writing. Take a look at how simple and effective these systems are and how you may benefit economically and have most of your home hot water heated by the sun.

What a great combination! Using the sun’s free energy to cook you food AND heat your home’s hot water.





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July 12, 2015 9:11 am

It is a bright sunny day and you have your recipe, ingredients and solar oven all ready to make a great meal. The wonderful thing about solar cooking, is that it resembles using a slow cooker/crock pot. It is, in many ways, a “set it and forget it” experience.

So, that allows the solar chef to pursue a few other tasks and interests while the solar cooker prepares the meal. Many may seek to do some inside jobs. Others, like many solar chefs that observe a green lifestyle, may catch up on yard work. That might mean feeding and tumbling their backyard composter.  Also, with as much rain as some parts of the country has had lately, it might present the rain barrel owner to empty/maintain it. Like using a solar oven, using a rain barrel is just another way to do your part for water conservation, or, not trying to be trite, help save the planet!

Give it some thought. It is so easy, with the green products available to us these days, like the solar oven and the rain barrel, to really do something environmentally friendly, with so little effort. Here is the GoSun Solar Stove making blueberry muffins while the presenter visits and reads. Just as easily, she could have been watering the flowers from the stored-up water from the rain barrel, right?



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July 10, 2015 9:41 am

The quick gain in temperature of the GoSun Solar Stove, allows the solar chef to bake some wonderful things in an amazingly short time. If you want fast, this solar cooker can do it!

One of our favorites is using sunshine to bake our meatballs. Use whatever meatball recipe you may have. Just make sure the size of the meatball easily fits into the GoSun’s tray. We usually line our tray with aluminum foil for a couple of reasons, but the main one being that it makes cleanup much easier. It also allows meat juices to help cook through in a shorter time.

With temperatures easily reaching 500 degrees (F) on a sunny day, you may want to check and turn over the meatballs after 1/2 hour. With good sunshine, it will only take an hour to cook the meatballs.  Take a look at how wonderful the GoSun bakes meatballs.


And…they’re ready! Just add a little of your favorite sauce and pasta. No need to heat up your conventional oven and unnecessarily overheat your summertime house too. Best of all, you cooked this dish without the use of fossil fuels and did your part for our environment. Enjoy!



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June 28, 2015 9:04 am

Want to do some solar cooking, but the weatherman says, “partly to mostly cloudy skies today”?  Your easy answer is to use a GoSun Solar Stove. This solar cooker uses evacuated tube technology, similar to its use for solar thermal water systems. On a sunny day, the GoSun cooker can easily reach a cooking temperature of 500 degrees Fahrenheit  in only a few minutes! Of course, on  a cloudy or partly cloudy day, the temperature may be lower and instead of cooking hotdogs in 24 minutes, it may take an hour. The great thing is, it still works! So, don’t let those clouds hamper your solar cooking enthusiasm, just break out your GoSun Solar Stove.


And what to prepare in your GoSun? Wow, loads of delicious meals come to mind. How about some round steak, well done in under an hour (sunny day). The Polish Kielbasa with redskin potatoes and onions (above) were quite tasty. If you are a wing lover, they come out moist and delicious. Roasted corn-on-the-cob, asparagus, pork chops, ….mmmmn, they are all great choices for a bit of quick solar cooking with the GoSun Solar Stove.

IMG_20140718_093724025If clouds are in the forecast, this solar cooker will still do its job. It is very lightweight and a cinch to set up. You will find it lots of fun to use and especially delight in the short cooking time on sunny days.







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June 21, 2015 7:19 am

A great variety of dishes can be prepared in the GoSun Stove. What is amazing, is how well it performs in short order. Temperatures of over 500°F are easily reached in just minutes on sunny days. nearly overcast days, your meal can still be made in an unexpected amount of time. It’s the GoSun’s evacuated tube technology that’s responsible.

How well it’s been doing between the Northeast’s series of snowstorms is ample proof.

Yes, that’s it in snow, of PA origin. It’s so simple to set up and use!  One can easily set it up and prepare lunch during a work lunch hour. This solar oven is affordable and amazingly lightweight. Truly must see to believe!

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February 9, 2015 1:33 am