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If you do not have a solar oven or solar cooker in your “bug out” bag yet, it is a worthwhile consideration. Many solar ovens and cookers, especially the compact, portable panel models, can be a reasonable purchase (some for less than $100). There are many plans also available if you want to try constructing your own.

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The Sun Flair sets up in seconds.


Backpack portable Solar Flare is simple but effective.

Backpack portable Solar Flare is simple but effective.

GoSun Stove is 6 lbs of quick cooking joy!

GoSun Stove is 6 lbs of quick cooking joy!

Shajee Solar Stove collapses to notebook size.

Shajee Solar Stove collapses to notebook size.


As far as that goes, many great survival kits and packages are now available at fair prices. In an emergency, catastrophe, or survival situation, there may not time to locate that “needle and thread kit” that you took out of your bag to fix torn trousers, etc. Get a commercial kit, keep it in a known place, don’t move it around, and you will be better prepared for whatever happens, even if it is just a short power outage. And that’s why it’s called “prepping”.

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August 4, 2015 10:30 am

Some of us really love solar cooking, don’t we? Yes, whether you are a newcomer, or an old hat that’s been cooking with sunshine for decades, each one includes it in their own, hopefully, “green lifestyle”.  We search for new recipes like we’re hunting bear, try out new ingredients in old dishes, and, if we’re not too meek, invite friends, family and neighbors over to be the latest “guinea pigs” for our newest solar cuisine.


We have become passionate about our solar cookers. We seek out new methods to use them. Some use them to dehydrate their food for long term storage in case of food shortages.  Some of us teach others how to use them in survival scenarios.



For many in the Third World and other nations across the globe stricken by war and catastrophe, the solar oven is a life saver. Getting more panel style and box style cookers into the hands of the poor across the world is actually a mission of several of the commercial solar oven manufacturers. Much less dangerous, and certainly healthier, than smokey wood fires, solar ovens help provide the cooked meals and nourishment needed for so many living in impoverished countries.images[10]

So, why not make solar cooking your passion? It’s relatively inexpensive to get started and their are loads of resources, groups and blogs (like this one) that can help you get educated and launched into solar cooking. You’ll find how easily you can get “hung up” on sun cooking.

And, speaking of getting “hung up”, here is another way to live your green lifestyle. There are an amazing number of low-cost and clever clothesline/dryer racks out there. They make it easy for you to maintain a green lifestyle in just one more way. While your solar oven bakes the meal, you hang up your wash and let the solar powered “dryer” do the rest! Take a look at this:

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July 26, 2015 2:14 pm

Solar cooking is moving right along. There are so many different models in a variety of functional categories available to the budding or experienced solar chef.

Panel cookers, as opposed to other types, offer a lightweight and usually inexpensive way to either add another solar cooker to your existing collection, or, are great for the beginner.

The SunFlair Solar Oven is an excellent one to consider for first or future use. It folds flat and does not take up much space. Its construction material is also a big plus, as this adds to its durability, which can be a problem for panel-style solar cookers.

Watch this video. It demonstrates the ease of use of this solar cooking gem.

The SunFlair panel cooker goes anywhere, folds flat and isn’t much bigger than a file folder.

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So, consider adding a little flair to your solar cooking experience. Try the SunFlair solar cooker.

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July 2, 2015 7:01 am