Easy Solar Cooking for Labor Day

Happy Labor Day solar cooking friends!

Using a solar oven or cooker, as many of us know, can save us time and money. It reduces our labor! No fossil fuels are used to prepare the meals since we use a solar powered oven, so it keeps your utility bill a bit lower. Another solar cooking advantage at this time of year, is using it to reduce your indoor temperature. It’s a solar outdoor oven! That will help the A/C bill.  And, how hard is it to set up your cooker to make the meal?  Most of them are a breeze, right?

easy solar cooking, set up 3 cookers

Easy to set up 3 solar cookers to do the work

Your typical solar oven is used very much like a slow cooker. In fact, many recipes used in slow cookers are easily adapted for use in a solar cooker. Check out how delicious these chicken breasts came out of the All American Sun Oven.

Hey, and while it takes little labor to make something like that, don’t forget the goodies! Our family enjoys brownies, so we prepare them quite often. That’s when the Solavore Sport comes in handy; you can prepare a decent sized meal, plus the dessert due to its large oven chamber.

mexican stuffed peppers, brownies

YeeHaw! Brownies & Mexican Stuffed Peppers

So, if you haven’t yet, why not start using a solar outdoor oven, to ease up on your labor? If it’s not this Labor Day, how about Thanksgiving? Some solar oven designs can accommodate a turkey.

If you need a little more help, or inspiration, as to what meals to prepare, there are scads of recipes and books on the subject of solar cooking. Hope your next holiday is a sunny one!

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