Fear Not the Use of the Solar Box Oven

When I was a teenager, a girl-friend of mine had a very traumatic experience with a gas oven. Apparently, the burners were a little dirty. Somehow, while baking a pasta dish, she opened the oven door when the oven came on. Boom! She burned her face severely. Imagine, being 17 and having to deal with that. As I remember it, I did my best to comfort her.

That type of tragedy really stays with you, even after setting up my own household years later. We used a gas range on a daily basis and the thought of that young girl’s home accident remained fresh. But, if you enjoy cooking as I do, then you really cannot stay away from the stove.

Since I began experimenting with solar energy devices decades ago, the answer to my oven fear simply worked itself into my life. By using a solar box oven, you can cook just about anything and never have to fear the sudden appearance of a gaseous ball of flames in your face. It’s a mishap that just can’t happen. You can bake, boil or steam just about any traditional dish. You can also dehydrate foods with it, but more about that at another time. Yes, you still need to mind opening up a boiling pot of chili, and use oven mitts since the temperatures may reach 400 degrees Fahrenheit in a solar oven.

However, there’s no doubt in my mind, that using a solar cooker is safer than a conventional oven. Whether home-built or a commercial model, solar cooking easily overcomes the fear of  having a conventional oven accident.

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