GoSun Stove: Chicken And the Egg

The versatile and  fast GoSun Solar Stove is great for cooking so many foods. If you enjoy your meats, you’ll love how rapidly the GoSun does up steaks.

GoSun pepper steak, GoSun meats

The GoSun has your pepper steak ready!

And it does a great job with pork as well. No worries about under-cooked meat with the GoSun Solar Stove!

GoSun pork chops, GoSun porkloins

Pork loins from the GoSun Stove

Sausage and kielbasa are also GoSun Solar Stove family favorites! Simply delicious and usually ready in less than an hour.

Or, maybe you’d like another Dog Day afternoon before Fall. The GoSun does hot dogs in 25 minutes (with good sun).


GoSun hotdogs, solar cooked hotdogs

Get your GoSun Red hots here!

Solar cooked hot sausage, GoSun hot sausage

GoSun Solar Stove cooks up Hot Sausage in minutes!










Because of the GoSun’s evacuated tube technology, it can reach high temperatures in no time at all (5ooF) in good sunshine. Its advantage is  that it will still cook your food on a mostly cloudy day. It simply takes longer to reach cooking temperatures…but, it works!

Had too much meat? The GoSun does a wonderful job with baked vegetables. You vegetarians take a look!

solar cooked vegetables, GoSun baked vegetables

Baked vegetables come out delicious in the GoSun Stove


solar cooked vegetables, GoSun baked veggies

Quickly bake vegetables in your GoSun Solar Stove









The GoSun’s light weight, under 10lbs, makes it an ideal hiking and camping companion. It comes with a carrying case, but can easily be strapped onto a backpack. Like other solar ovens and cookers, it just needs a sunny day to perform. Take it where ever you like. To the beach, the mountains or camping. Or, like your back patio, where ours usually winds up. Cooking with the GoSun is simple and, most importantly…fast!

snow solar cooking, GoSun winter cooking

Reach new heights with you GoSun Stove




So, just relax and use your GoSun Solar Stove to your advantage on your next sunny day!

Not sure of what to cook in your technologically advanced solar cooker? Fear not! It comes with a handbook full of ideas. Of course, you can always “stop” here, because we normally have something with the GoSun listed every week or so. High temperature, high powered, it’s hard to be disappointed by anything you cook in the GoSun Solar stove. It’s a go anywhere, anytime type of solar powered stove, with a wonderful solar oven design. You, family and friends will be amazed at what delicious foods can be prepared in this solar cooker.

solar cooking in the snow

GoSun made great rice on a snow day.


No matter the season, the GoSun Solar Stove only needs some sunshine to cook your next tasty meal.


Hey, maybe you just want to do the Chicken And the Egg. The GoSun does them very well . Crispy, yet moist wings and baked eggs are both simple tasks with the GoSun Solar Stove.



crispy chicken wings, solar chicken wings

Easy tasty GoSun Wings!









Of course, the eggs are a  cinch. Just put them in the tray and let the sunshine do the work! Takes about 45 minutes to an hour for tasty baked eggs.

solar cooked eggs, solar baked eggs

GoSun baked eggs!

So, get eggstatic about your GoSun.  Have a doggone good time!

GoSun hotdogs

GoSun hotdogs fast & easy meal


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