GoSun Stove Meatballs

The quick gain in temperature of the GoSun Solar Stove, allows the solar chef to bake some wonderful things in an amazingly short time. If you want fast, this solar cooker can do it!

One of our favorites is using sunshine to bake our meatballs. Use whatever meatball recipe you may have. Just make sure the size of the meatball easily fits into the GoSun’s tray. We usually line our tray with aluminum foil for a couple of reasons, but the main one being that it makes cleanup much easier. It also allows meat juices to help cook through in a shorter time.

With temperatures easily reaching 500 degrees (F) on a sunny day, you may want to check and turn over the meatballs after 1/2 hour. With good sunshine, it will only take an hour to cook the meatballs.  Take a look at how wonderful the GoSun bakes meatballs.


And…they’re ready! Just add a little of your favorite sauce and pasta. No need to heat up your conventional oven and unnecessarily overheat your summertime house too. Best of all, you cooked this dish without the use of fossil fuels and did your part for our environment. Enjoy!



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