Just Chicken Out with your Solar Oven

If you have a sunny day, and may be trying to eat more chicken versus beef, try making some chicken breasts in the solar oven. Chicken cooks very well in a solar powered oven. We used our large solar oven this sunny day to prepare some chicken breasts with a few seasonings and vegetables thrown in to create a superb flavor. Everything cooks in their own juices, and no water was added. Our All American Sun Oven, a large, double box solar oven, did a great job in preparing this meal. This video is a bit rough, but you can still see the results; a tender, well cooked chicken breast. Enjoy!

The great thing about the All American is that it really is just that…All American made in the USA! It is also extremely well insulated in design, so that even if a few passing clouds go by, this big solar oven tends to keep the cooking temperature up there.

But, as always, other solar oven designs also do a great job with chicken. For example, the next photos shows some recently” barbecued” chicken we made in the Solavore Sport Solar Oven. It was really delicious.


When cooking with an evacuated tube solar cooker, like the GoSun Solar Stove (below), you’ll want to keep your eye on it, as the higher temperatures achieved in this particular solar oven design, bakes your chicken thoroughly in a short time (usually less than 1 hour). In fact, the GoSun will still do a great job on a cloudy day…just takes longer, but will leave you something to “cluck” about..no joke!

Yes, you don’t have to chicken out of solar cooking. You too can become a survivor.

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