Solar Cook Using Dehydrated Food

Use the solar oven of your own choice to make your next meal of dehydrated food. The SunFocus,  All American Sun Oven,  SunFlair and the Solar Flare, can all easily boil water on a sunny day. Being so simple a task, makes preparing your dehydrated food packet all that much easier. In the following video, Mountain House Food’s Beef Stroganoff is the example used with boiling water done by a conventional stove. With the dehydrated food packet, you do not have to worry about recipes or ingredients.

However, Preppers, hikers and certainly campers have all used this, or similar products in their outings. So, why not take your solar cooker on the next outdoor adventure, even if it is only to your backyard or patio, and try making a meal using dehydrated food. After you have some boiling water from the solar oven, it becomes elementary; just pour the water into the pack, seal it for a few minutes and then dish out the number of servings to your colleagues, friends or family. Hey, it is just one more way to enjoy solar cooking. With an increase in power outages from storms and other natural disaster, you owe it to yourself as a solar chef to at least try this dehydrated food experiment.

See how easily the Solar Flare, a simple parabolic sun cooker, can boil water in no time. It is a cinch to set up.



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