Solar Cooking Goes Fast with the GoSun Solar Stove

A solar oven that reaches 500° +, in just minutes of great sunshine, describes the GoSun Solar Stove to a “t”. How can the chef be disappointed, when simple meals like steak (1hour= well done) or  hotdogs (23 minutes) can be ready in “short order”? The additional benefit is that your solar “grill” uses no messy, unhealthy, or dangerous fossil fuels. Also, since the cooking is outdoors, you avoid heating up the kitchen as with your standard oven. Fast and eco-friendly, the GoSun is lightweight at less than 6 pounds and literally sets up in seconds. It’s absolutely fabulous for meat and vegetable dishes.



Yes, roast corn-on-the-cob and cook meat simultaneously. The advantage of the GoSun is its fast temperature gain. Also, since it cooks so rapidly, it may be unnecessary to refocus it, unlike many other solar cookers. The GoSun’s use of evacuated tube technology, is the reason for its higher chamber temperatures. The “tube” is of glass construction, but similar to pyrex. It doesn’t break easily, but “handle with care” just the same. You can definitely enjoy your GoSun while camping or hiking. If you are just starting to solar cook, or are a seasoned solar chef, the GoSun Solar Stove is well worth getting and using.IMG_20150102_122404481



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