Solar Cooking – It’s So Easy Being Green

Doing your part to save the planet is a “breeze” by breaking out your solar oven. Most commercial solar cookers are simple to use and set up in minutes. Prepare your next meal (providing it’s a sunny day) with a solar oven and use the sun’s free energy to do it.

Keep your solar oven on a back porch or patio with accessories close bye. Have a list of recipes and foods so you are ready to get cooking with sun power. By using just solar energy, you save money and the planet at the same time. No need to use gas or electric to make a meal on a sunny day; just set up a sun oven.

Loads of recipes are available for solar ovens, but you’ll find that many of your own traditional dishes can be made in them. Since most  ovens reach temperatures of between 250 and 400 degrees, depending on the quality of sunshine, it may just take a little longer to cook the meal (this concerns the typical double box solar oven style). Just think of your oven as a solar crock pot. The slow, even cooking allows foods to cook in their own juices. Healthy vitamins and minerals are retained this way. You’ll find less liquids need to be added to solar cooked food. Start cooking with the sun to be “greener”.

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