Solar Outdoor Ovens – The Hikers Perfect Trail Companion

Most outdoor solar ovens range in weight from 10 to 30 pounds, which makes them available to the hiker and overnight camper. Even many home-built models can be effectively mounted on a backpack frame. The pots and pans, food and other accessories usually fit inside the solar oven, which results in overall better portability. Many commercial models have built-in handles for easy carrying.

Whether it is a local, state, or national park, that beckons your next hiking/camping visit, a solar powered oven is a great choice to bring along. With it, there is no concern over having a campfire and no worries over permits, fire codes or accidents.  One of the best benefits of solar cooking is never having to experience burnt food. It just won’t do that!

Another earthly benefit of a solar cooker, is that the only fuel it requires is sunshine. With it, there is no need to collect or purchase firewood, or buying propane and worrying about it running out. All of that is “out of the equation”.

By using a solar outdoor oven, you save money from not buying any fossil fuels. Solar energy is still FREE last time I checked.

Then there are the environmental aspects of using the oven. No burned fuel or pollutants will result solar oven use. You can reduce your carbon foot print every time you use it. It has to be about the simplest way an ordinary citizen can be “green”.

Since a solar oven requires sunshine to operate, planning and watching the weather report is the best thing to do before your next outing. Have the ingredients ready for all of your scheduled meals (try the brownie recipe for a delightful treat). Happy Trails!



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