Solar Ovens are Heating Up the Market

Is it time for solar cookers to finally get their due by going mainstream? Interest in solar cooking has been growing for decades, but it seems to be turning an important corner with increased public acceptance.

There are more commercial sales of solar ovens at trade shows and environmental events than ever before. The National Geographic TV Channel now runs a show called “Doomsday Preppers”. Families preparing for varying types of disasters is the main theme. Solar ovens have been featured twice in this show which just recently aired.

Sure, and why shouldn’t they catch on? Anyone interested in saving energy, the planet and the money in their wallet, should be interested in solar cooking. Whether one builds their own oven from scratch by using a set of good plans, or purchases a commercial model, they are likely to begin saving on their gas/electric bill right away.

With proper planning, a person can use the solar oven on nearly every sunny day, and, many partly sunny days. Meals can also be made for future consumption. Dehydration of many foods is possible. By storing ingredients and keeping recipes handy, planning becomes easier for the new solar chef.

Help make solar cooking not just a barbecue “showoff ” thing, but bring it into the mainstream by cooking every sun-blessed day. The rewards await those who try.

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12:20 am | by Solar Oven Guy

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