Sunrise…Sunset! No Matter How Long It Takes, SunCooking is Worth It!

GoSun snow cooking

Kielbasa & Veggies from a GoSun Snow Day

Ever notice that the weatherman’s forecast isn’t exactly “spot on”? If you’ve been solar cooking for any time, then you know what we mean. You prepare the ingredients, get pot or bowl ready to put into the solar oven. Of course, just as you close the lid, bag, etc., clouds appear out of nowhere on that perfectly sunny day that was forecasted!

Often, we wait and see what happens. Sometimes it gets cloudier, but sometimes things clear up and old Sol finishes our dish for us, without taking it inside to finish on our conventional oven. We soooo enjoy our solar cooking, don’t we?

The benefits of solar cooking are many. Just to name a few: no fossil fuels are used, no pollution (unless you consider the wonderful aromas emitted from the cookers while they work as pollution), your kitchen stays cool, since the oven you are using is outside, you’re enjoying the great outdoors with your cooker, maybe on a hiking trail, a local park or, just your back patio.IMG_20140129_123125_921

So, if the weather intervenes in a negative way once in awhile, get over it! Just accept it, because the numerous other times that you’re enjoying your solar cooker without incidence, easily makes up for a few times when you have to take 7 hours instead of 3 or 4 to complete the meal, or, finish it inside. Remember, no matter where you live, sunshine is the only real ingredient you need to make your solar cooker work.




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