Survive Cloudy Days with the SunFocus Solar Oven

The SunFocus brand Solar Oven, was developed by Dave Chalker, solar chef. The SunFocus is a box style solar cooker but also qualifies as a hybrid solar oven due to its integrated electric capability. So, if you are happily cooking a turkey (and yes you can in the SunFocus because of its large cooking chamber) in the SunFocus and clouds suddenly roll in to seemingly spoil your solar cooking day, with a simple flip of a switch, you can finish your meal with the electric backup built into this amazing solar appliance. You won’t be let down with cold food with this hybrid solar oven. It’s just the thing for your “prepper “package. Three different models exist for the SunFocus. But to survive your next cloudy solar cooking day, get the full electric hybrid model. With its large capacity chamber, you will be able to share your big meal with family, friends and other survival enthusiasts. But, let Dave Chalker explain the whole enchilada to you. Watch the video below:


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7:45 am | by Solar Oven Guy

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