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Although highly touted here before this, and certain to continue, are the much acclaimed benefits of solar cooking.

You may be a either a novice cook, culinary expert, or someone in between. In any case, you will discover the ways of solar cooking to make your own masterpieces. Whether your solar box oven is homemade, or a commercially obtained unit, you will quickly become enlightened to the uses of this cost efficient oven.

Before long, you will have found ways to create your preferred dishes. After that, you’ll be experimenting with loads of other tasty delights. A solar box cooker, can bake, boil or steam foods of your choosing.

Since solar oven temperatures often max out around 400 degrees F (solar box ovens), you will learn to better plan your meals and the required cooking time. Have your ingredients ready for that special solar cooked meal on that next blessed sunny day.

Most significant, is how much money you’ll find that you’re saving on energy costs by using the sun’s free energy to prepare meals. By solar cooking more frequently, you’ll save a bundle. To be sure, there is a learning curve with solar cooking, but it’s not as steep as you think. Whether you’re a beginner cook or advanced chef, you can soon be out there with the rest of us squinting into the sun oven chamber to see how the evening meal is coming along. Start solar enjoying cooking today!

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April 9, 2012 11:12 pm