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A rough and stressful work week got you down?

stressful work week, computer stress, girl stressed at work

Oh what a work week I had!

Yes, feeling like just another rat in the race and in need of peace?

monks from Thailand, buddist monks, peaceful monks

Needing peace


Well, maybe not if sunny days are in the forecast and you have your solar ovens clean and ready for use. Your cabinets and refrigerator are stocked with the makings you will need for preparing your next solar dish, and you have a new recipe list begging for your attention.

Thank goodness your solar ovens are there to rescue you from going crazy! Solar cooking is such a passion for some of us, that when a sunny day is in the forecast, we cannot wait to get to our favorite cooking spot, even if it’s just the back patio. Of course,  it could be just as easily on your boat, at your  camp,or, on a wilderness trail. Yes, your “pressure relief valve” should be at the  ready. It’s there to help you calm down and get your well-deserved peace! Your solar cooker might be the double box type, parabolic,  evacuated tube, or panel cooker. No matter! It’s your ticket to the well of happiness. Load it into the  RV, pack it with your tent, collapse it and put it in the backpack. Or, maybe just wheel it out on the  cart to the patio. You know the way to your solar pleasure palace. Simply,  “make it so”!

However you do it, let your solar oven “rescue” you on a regular basis.

And, if you get into real trouble and see a rescue in your future, find a solution here.

first aid kit, rescue kit

This compact, complete kit can help in an emergency!


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August 20, 2016 7:30 am