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Whad’ya mean I can’t cook that in my solar oven?

The truth about solar ovens (box style), is that you can cook just about anything in one. The folks in Third World countries are discovering how useful they are everyday. Many people throughout the globe still cook their dinners over wood fires. Often, they have to endure dangerous and treacherous conditions just to obtain this precious fuel.

However, in just a few decades, since the introduction of the Sun Oven and other popular commercially available solar ovens, many of these same populations are safely enjoying their food cooked by an abundant and free local energy source...the sun!Why don’t more people use these amazing sun-powered devices? After all, most commercial solar ovens are lightweight, durable, easy to transport and easy to use…just about anywhere! Like on your boat, or, …on the next snow day…

Whatever the situation, you can have a blast making your next culinary creation in a solar oven. It’s an appliance that’s made for having fun with family and friends.

Pick up a sun-powered oven soon and discover the fun you’ll have in preparing a delicious, fossil fuel free meal….all you need is a sunny day!

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October 22, 2012 7:08 pm