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Doomsayers, Prophets and many religious leaders are out there telling us that 2012 is about it folks. The Party will soon be over, they say, despite newly elected leaders and world shake-ups.

Well, I’m none of the above, and will not have this platform turn political or religious. However, I do know about solar ovens and cooking with them. If some disasters and catastrophes are to befall any of us in 2012, especially of natural origin, like a flood, tornado, hurricane or earthquake, then I feel certain that a solar oven will be a useful and possibly life-saving possession.

Whatever aforementioned calamity occurs and puts you through trials and tribulations, the solar cooker can be put to work immediately. Strength and health can be maintained by a steady supply of cooked food. Often, the foods to be prepared, particularly meat dishes, need no extra water added. The food cooks in its own juices. If fresh water is limited, or if concerns over its potability arise, the solar oven can also be used for water pasteurization. In fact, some models, like the SOS Sport, include a water pasteurization indicator in its kit. Sunny days are the essential ingredient to make solar ovens operate. However, newer hybrid models,like the Tulsi Electric Hybrid, have an electric backup system. This allows for continued cooking if clouds appear, but power is available. If necessary,you could conceivably prepare food at night, with a solar electric model oven.

Many panel style solar cookers have been used for years in remote Africa to help battle the ever present reality of wood shortages for fireplace cooking. More recently during Haiti’s disaster, global sun ovens were used to help keep surviving populations strong and fed. People were using solar ovens in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina did its damage. It’s also been reported that, during the recent Turkey earthquakes, TV crews filmed people using solar ovens.

Certainly, solar cookers can help during many types of disasters. But, if the real end of the world comes, I’ll probably be caught with my solar oven by my side, with its easy-to-carry handle and, maybe a can of soup. Let’s hope 2012 brings us all good fortune, a better economy and world peace!

 Happy New Year!

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January 1, 2012 2:18 am is pleased to announce its dealership status with SunBD Corporation manufacturers of the great new solar electric oven,the SunFocus. This solar oven that has the largest cooking capacity of any other solar electric cooking oven on the market today. It’s made in the U.S.A.


Very portable: its yellow suitcase design with handle makes it easy to carry and hard to lose. It can fit nicely into your car trunk, RV, or boat.

Suitcase design: It’s tough polymer clamshell design protects the sensitive parts inside. Setting it up is as easy as opening a suitcase and takes only seconds.

Gigantic cooking chamber measures: Length 13.5″ x Width 13.5″ x Height 6.25 ” ( cook a 14lb turkey, whole chicken  or larger dish)

Its hybrid design combines high performance of a solar oven and 110v. AC efficiently powered electric oven(uses 75% less energy than typical household oven and operates for pennies).
(Perfect for cooking anytime: 24/7/365, yes, even at night!)

Window glass: Double paned for improved heat retention.

Temperature range up to 400 F that provides for reliable, easy cooking.

Seal: made of moisture resistant EPDM

Reflector: made of scratch resistant anodized aluminum for long wear.
(has better reflectivity than a normal glass mirror)

Side booster reflectors: (helps increase your ovens temperature)

Accessories: It Comes with everything you need to start solar cooking today: a 6ft. power cord, oven thermometer, side booster panels & set up instructions.

Be ready for the next emergency: storms, earthquakes, floods…the SunFocus can be used daytime or at night. The components are made in the USA

The SunFocus™ solar electric oven is real cooking for the real chef in your household.

Should you have any questions about this new and exciting product please email us.

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December 26, 2011 4:16 am