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It won’t be too long before many of us with gardens will have planted some

Swiss chard or kale. Here is a great old Italian soup recipe that we’ve always enjoyed. On a nice sunny day, it will ready in your solar oven after 4 or 5 hours.


1 lb kale or Swiss chard (chopped,rinsed & drained;separate stems & leaves)

1 can chicken broth

2 cans of cannellini beans

3 cups of water

1/2 tsp cayenne/red pepper

3 tsp minced garlic

1 cup couscous

1/2 tsp salt (or salt substitute)

1/2 cup of grated Parmesan or Romano cheese

1 Tbs olive or canola oil


On the stove top, warm the olive oil in a big skillet and toss in the garlic and stems. Gently stir and saute over medium heat for a few minutes.

Next, except for the salt and cheese, combine everything else into a dark colored thin-walled metal pot and put on the lid. Then, put it into the sun oven, then focus the oven and let things cook for, at least, 4 hours. About 15 minutes before serving, stir in the salt and cheese.

Mmmmmn…good! I can’t wait till Spring gets here to have some of this.

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March 5, 2012 2:17 pm