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You bet! No matter what your cast, level in life, or how much you have in your bank account, there’s a solar oven out there waiting for you to use.

If you really haven’t got much, you may be able to get one for almost nothing. Citizens of the Third World have been using solar cookers of various kinds for many years. Collapsible models are available that, with frequent use, become easy to use. Haiti, with its recent disaster, has hundreds of solar ovens in nearly daily use. Natives of Afghanistan are also getting quite adept at cooking with sun ovens. Living in a war torn land with resource interruptions hasn’t discouraged those folks. Nope, they just keep right on cooking with free solar power. The Japanese, creators of such fine cuisine, have been introduced to solar cooking for decades. Now, with their tsunami problems, many have adapted to using solar cooking for food preparation.

On the other hand, even if you live in sun-drenched Arizona, and have oodles of resources at hand, you might find it exciting and practical to start sun cooking. They don’t call it the “sun belt” for no reason, right? Get yourself a Global Sun Oven and try a meatloaf, some chicken or beef stew in it. The temperature will climb to around 400 degrees and in a few hours, your delicious meal will be ready to serve for family, friends or guests. You may keep it out on the back patio, cook there and thereby maintain a cooler indoor temperature, by not heating up the stove.

So, if you’re rich OR poor, you can benefit by solar cooking. Find a model that suits you, or maybe build one from plans. Once you have it, start learning how to prepare the wonderful, tasty meals made possible by using our star’s free energy.

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March 20, 2012 12:14 am