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The simple baked potato can nearly be a meal in itself. Baking potatoes, was something we discovered long ago at the beginning of our solar cooking days, to be a healthy and simple way to enjoy our sun oven.

It’s easy to prepare about a half-dozen medium sized potatoes in the 3 quart roaster. You know why to use it; because it’s a dark colored thin walled metal pot, that will trap the maximum heat energy. Pour enough water into the pan just to completely cover the bottom, no more than 1/2 inch deep. Put the lid on and then place the oven at your favorite spot in the yard, patio, etc. and let the sun do the rest. How easy is that? Can you see why solar ovens are often promoted as a survivalists’ favorite appliance?

With a strong sunny day, no more than 4 hours will be needed for the potatoes to bake in most solar ovens. Just remove and slice them open. They come out moist and delicious.  Top them with margarine or butter, a dash of salt( or salt substitute), broccoli and cheese, chives (often preferred by our guests), or some cayenne pepper, bacon bits (or the cereal substitute) or whatever your family and guests prefer. Serve a simple garden salad with this and you’ve got a fine meal. Keep that brimming sunny smile and special place in your heart while enjoying your solar cooking day.

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April 11, 2012 11:45 pm