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Really, if you are going to have an appliance when you “bug out”, a solar oven is a great choice. The new All American Sun Oven, has a larger cooking chamber and other new features. You can set it in some sunshine and, almost, set it and forget it. This box style solar oven, comes with loads of things needed for solar cooking, as well as a great list of recipes to get you started. Absolutely you can bake, boil or steam the ingredients. A dehydration rack is also available so you preppers can make food for storage. Fish, steak and poultry can all be made into tasty dishes in the All American Sun Oven. Its intuitive suitcase design and handle make it easy to carry anywhere. Check out this video and see how the Sun Oven can figure into your survival plan.

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June 17, 2015 7:21 am