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Many have asked, is it really possible to save money with a solar powered oven?

The resounding answer is YES! How much you will save is much harder to estimate. If you live in the sunny Southwest, much of Mexico, or even the Middle East, where sun-power pours down on the land almost endlessly, then, of course, you will be able to make great use of a solar oven. Using the sun oven more often and in its varying methods: preparing daily meals, cooking food for storage, or dehydrating foods for later use, makes saving money on cooking easy since the energy source is our star’s free power.

If you’re using an older model gas range at home with standing pilots, the BTU rate can be calculated for cooking use, say for a month. Just subtract that cost, from the zero dollars needed for using the same 30 days of free energy solar oven use. A similar calculation may be used for an electric range.

How practical is this? Well, we’re not recommending you get rid of your gas or electric oven, but by using a solar oven as much as possible, saving money in food preparation becomes a reality. More about this later.

How convenient is this? Again, we can touch more on this at another time. However, by keeping your sun powered oven and accessories handy, as well as a planned meal with recipe and ingredients, convenience is no problem.

Try using your oven for solar cooking more often, and we feel sure you’ll find a drop in household energy use, thereby saving more bucks!

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February 27, 2012 5:45 pm