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It’s easy being Red, White and Blue AND Green, when you start cooking with the free energy from our sun. Food cooked in solar ovens cook in their own juices and thereby retain healthy vitamins and minerals.

Wear your patriotism on your sleeve…culinary smock sleeve that is, by using a free resource to prepare a plethora of everyday meals. Make meatloaf, hamburgers, roasts, stews, soups, baked vegetables and so on. You are only limited by your culinary imagination with a solar oven. Why stand over a hot, Smokey and smothering grill, when you can make most of the same meals, by just putting food into pots, then into a solar oven and simply placing it in the yard to let the sunshine do the work? Could it be easier? And, you’ll save money and help the environment of our country by doing so. Yes, using a solar oven is saving “green” and being “green” at the same time. No need to use any charcoal, propane or other fossil fuels to make great meals for friends and family gatherings. You and consumers will also avoid possible ingesting harmful carcinogens by solar cooking vs. the popular grill method.

So, be more patriotic and start using a solar “grill” right away!

Happy Fourth!

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July 4, 2012 2:19 am

If you are a renter, especially in an apartment building, chances are your lease forbids the use of a barbecue grill. This is largely due to the fire and injury hazards often present with a charcoal-fired or propane grill. Oh, but not so with the standard commercial grade solar oven.

The great advantages to using a solar “grill” instead of a fired one in an apartment building setting. These advantages need pointed out to your landlord or property manager BEFORE you set it up on the premises. No need to rub anyone the wrong way, and, it’s best to be honest about the situation. We’re sure this will garner a lot more trust between you and the landlord.

Just emphasize to them that: 1.) Your solar grill does reach temperatures of up to 400 degrees F, but it is in the best protected hands..yours (covered with oven mitts). Also, the exterior temperature of the solar oven is at free air temperature, unlike surfaces of barbecue grills that conduct the heat and may burn someone who touches it. 2.) No flame or fire exists, so there is no chance of catching anything on fire and spreading the flames to the building. 3.) Best of all, it’s easy to see. It’s large enough that no one is going to trip over it, especially if you have it on a table or stand and are using the reflectors.

4.) If the electric or gas is included in your rent, point out that your solar cooking is actively helping to reduce that bill and in the long run, may help keep rental rates lower. 5.) You can only use the solar oven on clear sunny days, as opposed to barbecue grills that might be left working in the rain.

You may find your landlord smiling and using a solar oven before you know it after informing him of these simple safety advantages over a conventional barbecue grill. Who knows…maybe they’ll even change the lease language.

Happy Solar “Grilling” with the landlord!

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June 5, 2012 1:53 am