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Scenario: Earthquake in Southwest US, 5/10/15. Reporter: “A major 9.1 scale earthquake happened today and has caused mass destruction and loss of life in the region. Most sensitive is the suspension of natural gas distribution and scattered electrical outages. At this time, no complete assessment of the overall damage is known and no estimate exists for the restoration of the aforementioned service. Some looting of grocery stores is already happening.”

Where might you be if such a circumstance is manifested? Could be you’re a victim at ground zero, or, injured in a hospital. Possibly you are trapped in a building a waiting for rescue. The recent Japanese disaster has sharpened our senses for real world catastrophe. Those poor people have certainly endured a lot. Loss of life, damage to the economy and infrastructure are all too real.

So, if it happens in our “backyard”, having a solar cooker handy and some stored dry food items may help you and your family over the rough spots. An earthquake can sever gas transmission lines thereby forcing authorities to shut them off for safety’s sake. Plans for more electric generation by natural gas use are underway. This could compound the problem in the event of a major disaster like an earthquake. It is likely that both electric and gas utility distribution could be suspended for quite awhile.

So, get out your sun oven and practice making entire meals with it. Bake bread, steam vegetables, make soups and stews. You’ll find it to be a very reliable and worthy friend in such a catastrophe. Certainly, worldwide, this is already a fact for some. Let’s make it real for millions more before the next “big one” hits.

There’s some food for thought in your solar oven.

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March 14, 2012 12:19 am