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As an avid solar chef, sometimes it is really difficult to find that time for your solar- powered passion. Then, once you have found a few hours on a sunny day to create your newest delectable solar cuisine, it seems like the day just flew bye. It did! So, the answer is to “milk” out that time, that is; make the most of it. This way, everyone will have a better time.

Mexican Rice in Sun Oven

All American Sun Oven’s  Mexican Rice

To better utilize this cooking “event”, try taking only a few minutes during the week to plan your solar meals. It might be a weekday or the weekend when you do this. It will depend on your schedule. We are all busy people these days. Remember to jot down with the planned meal, any essential ingredients that you may need to pick up at the market.  If you already like to cook, solar or otherwise, your cabinets and refrigerator are probably stocked with most needed items. Also, as mentioned in our previous posts, consider checking the weather report for the week to better plan your set up time for the solar cooking.

GoSun snow cooking

Kielbasa & Veggies from a GoSun Snow Day





One other way to enhance the solar cooking day is to consider the solar ovens to be used and know how many will be at the table. If you have more than one oven or cooker, you can cook up a storm! Of course, depending on the other factors we have mentioned, which solar cooker you use for what food, can make a difference.

multi solar ovens, 2 solar ovens

Serious amount of food made by 2 great solar ovens

For those survival enthusiasts who cannot get enough “milk”, try out this stuff to get you through it.


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August 11, 2016 7:00 am


For those of us who just love rolling out our solar cooker on a sunny day, it’s a feeling tough to beat. If you have more than one solar oven, whether it’s a parabolic, box cooker, electric hybrid, or the newest evacuated tube model, you are set to have a fun day.

If you’ve done things right, you already had most of your supplies and ingredients handy; the mixing bowls, spices, and all the vegetables, meats, etc. Next, comes putting it all together and placing it into the appropriate solar oven/cooker. Yes…it’s now time to let it ROCK!

Thinking of getting your own solar cooker? Don’t want to make the leap before further research? Try getting a book with simple plans to build your own here. Try it…you’ll like it, especially when it’s a hot and humid day and cooking outside with your solar cooker allows you to keep your house cooler. And, you’ll be doing your part for developing a “greener” lifestyle.

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July 22, 2016 8:15 am

Certainly, those of us who enjoy cooking, usually start from scratch or a recipe. Sometimes, when we’re in a hurry or having a busy day, but it’s a great solar powered cooking day, we take another route. After all, you have your solar cooker handy, why not make something to come home to if it’s a gorgeous sunny day, right?

Since, we like corn bread, we always keep a store-bought mix handy. Have you tried Larry the Cable Guy’s Corn Muffin mix? We picked one up for just a buck at a local store. But, we’ve also tried “Jiffy” and other brands in the past and they also come out fine.

For Larry’s mix, only ½ cup of milk and 2 large eggs are needed. The only prep work is to grease the muffin or 8 inch pan and preheat the oven to 400 degrees. For your solar cooker, 160 degrees is acceptable. Larry’s bread cooks at 375 degrees for 32-36 minutes in a conventional oven, but a solar box oven will need about 2 ½ to 3 hours of strong sunshine to bake it through. Other box mixes, sometimes just take one egg and less normal oven time.

Although it was delicious, Larry’s bread tasted a bit eggy to us the first time we tried it, so we added ¼ cup of shredded cheddar cheese to it (as Larry recommends on the box) and it was better. The next time we decided to give it our own touch by adding Cajun seasoning (cayenne pepper works too) and bacon bits to the mix. Another way to make it tastier, is to add a handful of raisins to the mix. As Larry says, they’re “awesome”.

Hope you have as much fun as we do with Larry’s cornbread muffins.

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January 9, 2012 2:15 am