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If you own and use a solar powered oven, you’ll be doing a big part to conserve energy in your household. You know, it’ll reduce your carbon footprint. No burning of wood, or other fossil fuel is required to operate a typical solar box oven.

Sure, we’re aware of the strides that many kitchen appliances, like the average microwave oven, have made in energy efficiency over the years. However, with the solar oven, often little preparation is needed to make a daily meal which can be thoroughly cooked by using the sun’s free energy.

 The Third World is rapidly grasping and adopting solar oven use. Participants of solar cooking in these areas know that they are saving their own energy by not having to search vast and often dangerous regions for firewood. Their lives are directly affected and enhanced by solar oven use. They are healthier since they are not breathing smoke from wood fires. And, maybe they don’t realize it, but they’re also not releasing more CO2, particulates and other unnecessary gases into the atmosphere from wood fire use.

Those who live in sun-drenched lands can immediately start conserving energy, whether natural gas, electric, wood, coal, charcoal or other fossil fuels by cooking with a solar oven. The other great benefit to using a sun oven is keeping more green in your wallet. Energy costs more money than ever. Did you fill up your gas tank today? So, Southwest or Southeast USA residents can really do their part relating to the so-called Fifth Fuel. Start conserving energy today by getting or building a solar oven.

You can bake, boil or steam most of your favorite foods in a solar space oven, and prepare several dishes simultaneously.

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April 27, 2012 11:35 pm