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In the Northeast and Northwest, it’s simply meteorological fact that fewer sunny days happen. So, if you’re a solar oven owner, you must make the most of it, when that sterling bright solar cooking day comes along. After all, in these regions, Spring will soon bring the showers that make flowers. Successful solar cooking really depends a lot upon being prepared; prepared for disasters and ready for a sunny day of solar cooking fun.

Yes, you have your particular model of oven, say an SOS Sport, clean and ready to accept a pot of something. Always have a couple, maybe even 5 recipes with ingredients at the ready. When that sunshine breaks through your morning window, you won’t even hesitate. After the first dozen or so times of setting up the sun oven and preparing the meal to put into it, everything will fall into place. Not to be trite, but it’ll go like clockwork. Depending on your location, you may need to keep watch on your solar oven, especially in the aforementioned areas, because the sun’s angle is still fairly low in the sky. You will likely be refocusing, elevating and, possibly, leveling your solar oven to maximize the solar radiation cooking your meal. But, that’s all just part of the fun and you won’t be spending every minute doing that. You may even have time to fly a kite with some kids!

Truly, to use your solar oven efficiently, you will want to be prepared as possible for that next sunny day. It’s just around the corner!

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March 16, 2012 1:24 am