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On a nice sunny day, you have your solar oven out, set up and it is busy cooking lunch or dinner.


You have a few hours on your hands and you know you can still be productive and finish some of the office work you didn’t get done because of some upset in normal routine.

On the market today, are a nice selection of compact solar chargers. They work great to supplement power, especially to your laptop computer or tablet. This way, you maximize your time and place in the sun. While the solar oven makes your meal, you can be occupied on the laptop or tablet, doing some work that you have put off, but badly needs catching up on. The compact, folding panel style solar charger kits are very helpful. Use them and avoid draining the device’s battery. We all know how easy it is for that to happen, right?

It can definitely set your mind at ease.  You can keep on working on a letter, photo gallery, or social media, while not worrying about losing content, or a dead battery. Best of all, you get to enjoy a fossil free cooked meal from your solar cooker. That’s a great way to top off your day and the extra efforts you made working while out of the office.

Get a solar charger today, to help maximize your out of office efforts while enjoying your passion for solar cooking.



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July 22, 2015 9:51 am