The Solar Oven – It’s On Automatic

Ever sit by a stream with your line in the water waiting for a fish to strike, then lose track of time? Suddenly it happens, the line tugs and next you pull a nice “brookie” out  for your dinner. Have you ever sat watching a play, get so rapped up in it and then discover the curtains closing? Where did the time go? Isn’t it magical? How about this; ever get caught up in watching a great comedy film, like a Marx Brothers or Jerry Lewis flick, and, at some point, catch yourself laughing…and then realize that you’ve been doing it for awhile? All of these things indicate that you, despite your immediate attention to your pastime, became detached enough to let things continue on automatically.

At times, operating your solar oven can be like this. You start out fresh on your bright, sunny cooking day with a new recipe and all the necessities in hand. You carefully readied the solar cooker by preheating it. All of the ingredients are ready and maybe you had some prep work for some of them. Finally, everything is in the pots and roasters, you’ve closed the oven door and focused the cooker. Now you can relax, take up another task, or indulge in a little recreation for the day, while your latest solar creation is underway.

So, perhaps you sit in the shade reading a news article, or take a dive into the lake that you’re visiting. Or, maybe you went to the mall to do a little shopping. In any case, time slipped away. Possibly you dozed off while reading, got involved with water polo on the lake, or found that the traffic while returning from the mall was a bit much. Somehow, after all of this, you open the oven door, the steam and aroma wafts out of the solar cooker and all is right with the world again.

That’s really the beauty of solar cooking. It’s hard to overcook something. So, if your trip to the hair salon took longer than expected, no worries mate! Your solar cuisine will still be quite tasty. Yes, it’s like the solar oven is on automatic, no matter what your circumstances happen to be. Have a sunny day!

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3:30 am | by Solar Oven Guy

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