The Versatile SOS Solar Sport Oven

A number of commercial solar ovens are now available on the market. Some cost more, some do more, but one of the best all around dependable, economical models is the SOS Solar Sport. It is manufactured here in the USA and uses mostly recycled materials.

SOS Sport in action

It only weighs about 10lbs, so it’s easy to transport wherever you’re headed.

Picnics, the Beach, Solar Cooking means Fun!


Use it to bake, boil or steam your favorite foods and to prepare a variety of delicious dishes.

Arroz con Pollo







Load 2, 3 qt pots in the Sport

The oven chamber holds 2, 3 quart pots. That’s large enough to make lots of food for guests, or your big family.





With its simple, well-insulated design, you can use the Sport throughout the year. It sets at either a 30 or 60 degree angle so that you can take advantage of the different sun angles year-round. Like in Summer, without reflectors…

Summer solar cooking without reflector

Or, early Spring….with reflectors

Early March, the SOS Sport is cooking!

Yes, you can set your solar oven and cook in the snow (not while it’s falling, of course!). Autumn is as great a time as any to break out the solar oven. Just  use the sun’s free energy and make a delicious meal.

Fall solar cooking

Solar cooking using the Sport is so easy, you can youngest to oldest join in this new way to cook food without open fires or fossil fuels.

Even Jr. “Preppers” can use the Sport


So, get out your Sport, and start creating some nutritious and delicious meals with it.

Black Bean Soup


Happy Sunshine makes good Solar Cooked Food

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