To Err…With Your Solar Cooker

Any solar chef, or, any chef for that matter, knows that all  culinary exploits do not always result in success. This may be especially true if you are just beginning to solar cook with a new style oven. Basically, we all make mistakes sometimes, don’t we? So, we hope you get a few chuckles after seeing culinary failure at our expense.

Take it from this Solar Oven Guy, I have made my fair share full of mishaps. So, I thought I would display a few of my less successful trials. Hey, we can’t always be winners, right?

Depending on the solar oven design, all kinds of things can happen. The wind may take the parabolic for a little “sail” with the evening’s meal aboard it. Once, while using the Solavore Sport Oven, I forgot to clip the top and reflector on securely. It happened to be a windy day, so, when I returned to the house/yard a couple hours later, I found the top off to the side of the oven, the reflectors, collapsed onto the top, and, of course, cold uncooked food. It certainly took a bit longer to cook the meal that day, especially since I missed some of that “magic” time, between 10am and 2pm. However, the Solavore Sport still continues to be a favorite oven. It’s a large solar oven, but still lightweight and portable enough to take hiking and camping. It will hold 2, 3-quart pots easily which allows for cooking larger meals.

solavore sport, solar oven, solar cooker, solar cooked rice, solar cooked muffins

A large oven chamber allows for a lot of food

But there have been other culinary failures. Here’s one from a friend using the GoSun Solar Stove. The GoSun uses evacuated tube technology and is capable of reaching 400 degrees. So, it can burn food if left unattended for too long.

gosun burnt nuts

GoSun Stove burned nuts

Oh yes, getting accustomed to the GoSun Solar Stove took a little doing for us. Here, is one trial of center cut pork loin that we first tried in the GoSun. I had an emergency at work and didn’t return to the solar cooker for nearly 3 hours.  With a double box solar oven, that would not have been a problem, since they won’t burn food.   solar overcooked food, solar burnt food

No, not charcoal briquettes, simply burnt solar pork loins!   


And, it’s doubtful that anyone wanted a sample of these carbonized hotdogs!

burnt hotdogs, solar burnt hotdogs, GoSun Burned hotdogs

Keep your eye on the GoSun when cooking hotdogs.



So, there you have it! Hope it brought you a belly laugh, or, at least a smile. The truth is that care must be taken in using different solar oven designs. Of course, the opposite effect, is not getting your food cooked, or, it is cold. There are advantages and disadvantages to everything. The learning curve applies here!

If you really need to burn something (start a fire), those things are available.


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