Try a Little “Moseying” with Your Solar Oven

So…mosey. That’s right. There’s something about that under-rated word that’s not used enough these days.

You can mosey onto a mountaintop. Or, mosey on down to the river to do some fishing; maybe mosey out to a baseball game. You might also mosey on down to the market to pick up some recipe items to prepare your next solar cuisine.

I once moseyed out to check my solar oven’s meal status. Then, I moseyed back to the porch to take a summer afternoon nap on my porch swing. About forty minutes later, I moseyed back to the solar oven to reposition it to better catch the late day sunshine. Around 4pm, I moseyed out to the sun oven once more adorned with oven mitts . I removed the thin walled dark colored metal pot containing my latest sun made creation.

Yes, the red beans and sausage soup was just great. Mmmmn….it was so good. It was well worth my busy moseying activity!

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2:37 am | by Solar Oven Guy

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